About Myke

Hi. My name is Myke Mollard and I would like to teach your kids a thing or two about drawing. Along the way, I am sure they will discover heaps about Australian Bush Creatures.

Let me draw you a picture. I have created many things, for many people. I have spent 20 years as a magazine publisher, a designer, and a creative in advertising and marketing. I am now following my passion of writing, storytelling and drawing through being a children’s book author and illustrator.

Myke_BushcreaturesMy other passions are nature and the world around us. It is the inspiration behind An A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures. Personally, I love going camping or snorkelling our southern reefs. In recent years, I have noticed the stress we have put on our environment, especially the growing threats to our native bush creatures – hence, the name of this website.

I have decided to do something about this impact on the environment. I want to educate kids through sharing my artistic knowledge and skills. I want to inspire the next generation to make better choices and find creative solutions to safeguard our natural environment.

Wildfire Workshops is my aptly named program for engaging, educating and inspiring kids through art education. I talk on a wide range of topics, use my artistic skills to create living memories, and establish meaningful experiences for kids of all ages. It will be fun!


Myke Mollard.

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