Advertising Design

Advertising is like origami –
from a blank sheet of paper comes endless inspiration.

Coming up with ideas is what Myke does.

He’s made a career out of it. Myke prides himself on creating strong Ideas that are impactful, relevant and commercially viable for his clients. The reason for this strength, is not in Myke’s years of experience or his ability to think outside the square – it comes from his innate abilities as an illustrator, as well as a passionate artisan to the craft.

Myke’s career has not been fixed to one commercial field. The depth and breadth of his career has seen Myke harness his skills across a range of creative roles. Form advertising, commercial design to publishing, illustration and beyond. Please feel free to look through the following:

Creative Designs
Commercial Illustrations
Photo Retouching

Or for a quick snapshot below will demonstrate this amazing and unique depth and breadth of Myke’s career.


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