Artistic Master Classes

Need a professional artist to fill a gap. Need a artisan to explore a specific area of expertise, or simply just want an outside influence to keep your students free thinking and pushing their limits.

From the easel, to the canvas or training on the computer, Myke’s Master Classes can be tailored for nearly any medium, most ages and practically all disciplines. Myke looks at the class as a opportunity to either develop or hone the students skills or teach a much needed perspective to further self-actualise what your students actually envisage themselves becoming.


Master classes can be tailored to suit a broad range people. Secondary schools, teritary, TAFE, community centres, libraries, and professional seminars for corporate and small business.

• a specialised master workshop to develop or hone a particular skill
• computer, design, illustration and trade based classes
• Fine art master classes in; still life, drawing, life drawing enable students to master colour, light and tone
• a master class can be like relief teaching – giving teachers a session or day to reflect and watch their students
• a master class leaves plenty of ideas and imagination for teachers to continue threads of thinking
• a master class can be for the teachers, to help them improve their skills in class

Times have changed. New technology has made students confident in there skills, speed and adaptability. They don’t want or need dated perspectives on art and design. They want real life stories and tricks from the professionals. What was exclusive to the board rooms of agencies, publishing houses and design studios is now café banter on Linkedin, facebook, twitter, chatrooms and industry groups. The only thing missing is they haven’t lived it.

Myke has been there twenty years. His unique artistic background brings a totally different perspective to the easel, classroom or computer screen – his approach is fresh and liberating for any art student, designer or fellow artisan.

Myke is open to discuss any Master Class or professional Wildfire Workshop and explore how he can help your students or your business call Myke Mollard on 0402 276 624 or email him at

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