Book Illustrations

Imagination and drawing has been something that has defined Myke’s whole identity from a very early age.

Since childhood Myke has been fascinated with the world of art, drawing and picture books. Visual encyclopedias, stories of adventure and fantasy worlds gave Myke insights into places, that at that time, he could have only dreamed of. In these worlds, creatures and plants, from past present and future were only a blank sheet of paper away.

From school to his professional working life Myke was always seen as “a gifted illustrator.”  Creatively, has been Myke’s best asset or, should you say, a skill which has benefited him and shaped his life. But a lot of what was seemingly only reserved for the talented few, with computers and graphics can be taught to the many. After twenty years as a creative, Myke wishes to share his innate talent, knowledge and experience with the world – through teaching kids to draw.

Following aptly demonstrates his ability to draw:

frogs 6brolga 4


Mal Sprd-flwrs Mal Sprd- stampd Mal Sprd- run4yourlife Mal Sprd- Elephnts Mal Sprd- antlp

Monster's_Page 4-5Monster's_Page 12-13Sprd_Aa_27x35Sprd_Tt_27x35

Travelling with your Pets. Book coming soon, Written by Dr jack Ayerbe and cover illustration by Myke Mollard.

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