A child’s bookshelf is just the tip of their imagination.

Myke creates books that inspire kids to read and draw. Like any artist he would like to think all his books are destined to become a classic or a treasured part of any child’s bookshelf or personal library.

Myke understands a child’s bookshelf says a lot. He believes that the collection of books we cherish, the one we hold most dear and keep on our shelf say lot about ourselves. Thus our personal library could be seen as a window into our soul, as well as, allure to our imagination.

BookstoreMyke has a deep connection with books. He has been drawing books and illustrating his ideas for books since I was a child. Myke originally never felt it would come to much, but he eventually found the confidence to approach a publisher in 2005. Then quietly realised his dream in 2007 when alto books published “On a Monster’s Doorstep”. The rest is history. It’s been a Journey, a special voyage. Myke ultimately, hopes everyone enjoys his books, as much as, he enjoys creating them.

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