Commercial Illustrations

There are many illustrators and many styles, but not many have mastered both traditional techniques fused with a new age digital style.

Myke can cartoon, illustrate traditionally, photo-retouch and create things digitally, paint, collage and has been know to create large scale mural projects although it’s been a while. Myke Mollard is best know as an illustrator of children’s books, although through Wildfire Productions he can offer his skills commercially as commercial illustrator, aside from his work as a children’s book artist. Myke knows the demands of both disciplines and can illustrate to budgets and time frames which can be highly beneficial to clients, agencies and small business wishing to employ his unique style.

Some of the illustration challenges that Myke has met in the past:

  • advertising storyboarding
  • key Frame storyboarding
  • pre-production sketching for TV and film
  • presentational visuals and concept work
  • packaging illustration and design
  • cartoons and story frames
  • editorial Illustrations
  • plans, maps and diagram illustrations
  • information graphics (illustrator)
  • motifs, symbols and graphic buttons (illustrator and photoshop)
  • photo retouching illustration
  • photo manipulation
  • technical Illustration and drafting
  • caracitures
  • children’s book drawings
  • painting and commercial murals

Below are a selection of illustrations the showcase the various styles and approaches Myke has produced in the past:

Product Brochure_OMC_illustrWine AAMI derbydayAAMI Derbyday recordglenharrow_picSBC2758_PTO drive final black_1lion_paratusgalactic_box_design2 crocgalactic_mockup_designSchweppes_Corp Holders Schweppes_CompFramwrk BookletMarketing_panel_DUKC5Lea_Bubs_LogoXmascards2a

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