Mal the Lion


Myke had a lot of fun with ‘Mal the Lion’. Jesse White wrote a great tale of friendship that is an awesome hit with kindergartens and early primary school children.

Storytime sessions for the younger kids, is always a special time when you are talking friendship and doing good deeds. Myke’s beautiful animals and watercolours bring out the hues that evoke the sweeping sun-drenched grasslands of Africia.

Myke approached “Mal the Lion” quiet differently to his previous books. His style is still the same, the rendering and ink work a little more comical. Although, by using watercolour paints and washes on a gorgeous heavy-toothed art board or blocked 350gsm+ watercolour paper he has created something special and inviting. These individual elements were all illustrated separately, before being professionally drum-scanned and like his previous works – collaged together. This process utilises the the best of traditional drawing and painting, ink and line, as well as employing a modern state-of-the-art digital finish.

Below are a few of the illustrations that make up Mal the lion. Now you can’t see Mal’s father (the big daddy lion) hiding in every picture on these images. Some are very hard to see in the grass. But if you buy or borrow the book from your local library you might just find him on every page.

Mal the Lion. Written by Jesse White, illustrated by Myke Mollard and published by altobooks.

Mal Sprd-flwrs Mal Sprd- stampd Mal Sprd- run4yourlife Mal Sprd- Elephnts Mal Sprd- antlpIf you wish to purchase this title please source through your local bookstore, online bookstores or direct through the publisher

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