On a Monster’s Doorstep


Myke’s aspiration was to capture the importance of an Australian Bedtime story, especially for young boys. He wanted to write something that could visually enthral them and a story that could possibly scare them.

Article and words by Martha-ann Miller.

On A Monster’s Doorstep is Myke Mollard’s first illustrated book. Based on the mythical Bunyip, the story revolves around two boys, Sam and Adam, and their encounter with the beast. This beautifully illustrated book displays Myke’s talent as both an author and an illustrator plus his fascination with one of Australia’s unique legends.

Written and Illustrated by Myke Mollard, published by altobooks.

20Myke says that he was inspired to illustrate and write because of his love of books. And despite the belief that movies and the Internet are replacing books he thinks that there will always be a place in our modern hectic lives for them and all they encompass. He loves stories and it is this that inspires him to reach an audience.

As a father of five children Myke also sees his role as an author to ultimately bring together two audiences – that of the parent and the child. He feels On A Monster’s Doorstep as a book for adult collectors and lovers of fine illustrated books because in many ways it is too wordy, too big to be a children’s book. Yet he also believes that storytelling is about stories that want to be told and that his book will especially appeal to kids. They can understand the story through the pictures and perhaps more importantly by being read to by a parent.
A mother or father reading to their child at night is a perfect moment.

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Myke hopes that On A Monster’s Doorstep will inspire parents to take the time – a precious commodity in our fast moving society – to read to, and with, their children. He hopes that he is helping to pass on something that is very human – the art of storytelling.
With the sumptuous illustrations it is hard not to imagine a child wanting to read this book. With each viewing, each page reveals more and more. The colours literally jump out at you, at first drawing your gaze to what appears in the foreground but then allowing your view to deepen into what is beyond. Finally there is a glimpse of the Bunyip as a watermark, waiting, lurking for you, the reader, to put your toe in the water, its territory. All the while as the reader you are following the story of Sam and Adam, as they play innocently closer and closer to the Bunyip’s lair. It is deliciously scary for a child: will the Bunyip get me? Equally, with a parent reading the story, that child will feel safe and protected. This is the joy of a bedtime story!

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As Myke continues with his writing career it is hoped that he will produce more works that are as beautiful and as enjoyable as On A Monster’s Doorstep. This is a true Australian bedtime story using the original Bunyip myth. Myke has succeeded in creating a book that
both adults and children will enjoy and love to read time and time again.

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