Professional Workshops

BrandingDo you have questions about your advertising? Marketing not hitting the mark? Do you need a communications audit or just need some creative direction?

Myke understands these concerns because he’s been helping clients achieve better communications for the best part of 20 years. From better design, more polished art direction through to strategic planning, Wildfire Professional Workshops is the perfect solution for a business that doesn’t want to commit to a large agency, but wants the edge over it’s competitors.

Myke has plenty experience to draw upon and will deliver old school strategies combined with new school thinking. Each workshop will be individually designed to suit your business needs and tailored to steer your business, product or brand image into more effective communications.

There are three styles of Wildfire Professional Workshops that Myke facilitates:

  • brand essence and brand positioning workshops or focus groups.
  • communication audits, creative presentations or just consultancy.
  • creative direction made simple for small and large businesses.

If you wish to give your business a new direction or take a different approach, consider a workshop or session with creative flare.

Myke is open to discuss any Wildfire Professional Workshop and explore how he can help your company or business, call Myke Mollard on 0402 276 624 or email him at today.

Click on image below to download DL Flyer.

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Professional Workshops Prices

Wildfire Professional Workshops are very different to Myke’s school and art workshops. They require a fair amount of preparation and research, so every workshop is priced according to the client’s brief. It enables clarity and reportable measurable findings and outcomes. In saying this Wildfire Professional Workshops prices start at:

  • 3 day workshops (max. 6 sessions)  = Upon Application
  • 1 day workshops (max. 2 sessions)  = $1,000 – $1,500
  • Per session (max. 1 session)  = $600

Catering is required for all day workshops. Catering is extra and Wildfire Professional Workshops will either pass on the third party cost or the business can elect to organise themselves at their own cost.

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