Sticker Books


These are great sellers. Kids just love stickers.

It’s funny how kids just love sticker books. Stickers or the act of sticking things is something that every kid seems to enjoy. No surprise there, but Myke has really tried to create a couple of wonderful, quality sticker books, for kids to enjoy their sticking. Popular in tourist shops, Book 1 has been a great hit at school talks or as prizes for Myke’s sand sculpting competitions – Yes! Sticker books have raced out the door.

Book 2 has been complete and should be available this Christmas 2013.

STR book Stkr_bk_2 Stickerbk5

“Hum! Now i have you where do I put you!?”


“I’m only 3 but I gave it my best shot!”


Creating a night scene with moths bats and a brush-tail possum.


It’s a proud moment when you create your page just like the An A-Z of Australian bush Creatures book.


Stickers often present some challenge getting them out of the sticker page at times.

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