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Please firstly check Myke Mollard’s availability to facilitate your Wildfire Workshop.

Wildfire Workshops

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Calendar Legend

  • Red means either; already booked, not available or in the case of weekends will be consider upon application.
  • Yellow represents school holidays and you are welcome to book a workshop.
  • Green indicates a free day where you can book a workshop or session.

Note your preferred dates and fill your preferences in the relevant fields within this online application form. Each field represents and follows the logic of this website, yet if you get into difficulty please just email myke@bushcretures.com.au.

Let’s look at your workshop.

Wildfire Workshop Application form

This online application is a way of penciling in your booking. It's also a way for Wildfire to better understand your needs. Please fill out this online application form and hit 'submit' upon completion. Wildfire Workshops will get back to you via email or phone within 3 working days to discuss availability, style of workshop and formalise a quote for your approval. If you wish create multipule bookings please email myke@bushcreatures.com.au. Thanks for looking into a Wildfire Workshop. If at anytime you wish to contact Wildfire Workshops please email: myke@bushcreatures.com.au
    Please state if you wish to tailor a whole day or half day to suit your class program, school, group or business. (e.g. a tailored day, a tailored morning session, or something different)
    These group sizes relate to the prices listed on Wildfire Workshops there will be a extra charges for group sizes over 120 participants or of dramatically mixed age. These will have to be negotiated and price with be on personal application.
    * This is strictly for first bookings. Offer ends Dec 1st 2013 and the bookings must be booked between now and end of 2nd term 2014 and a confirming advance payment made. ** Spread the word and leads which convert to bookings will earn you discounts on repeat visits. ^ offered after this application is processed
  • Please suggest what works if you haven't already. (e.g. mornings, midday start, afternoons, evenings or an after-school wrokshop)
  • School/Library/Group/Business Booking the Wildfire Workshops.
  • First and last name please.
  • (e.g. Wednesday mornings are best because it doesn't clash with art, drama or sport)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.