Workshop Prices

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Schools (primary and secondary)

Wildfire Workshops rates for schools are pretty standard. The intended Group size is between 35 and 60 students. The intention is facilitate a workshop for under $10/student and with current offers in place Wildfire Workshops will deliver on this affordability. With regards to larger groups of over 120 or with mixed ages and varied classes additional charges may be incurred. Sessions may run for 45-90 mins, and can be preset on request or they will be set by the speaker. Workshops for less or longer may be negotiated.

  • Whole school day (max. 3 sessions)  = $600
  • Half school day  (max. 2 sessions)  = $480
  • Per school session (max. 1 session)  = $320

NB: If travel time is a factor please always make an allowance for travel time.

General Public Appearances

Wildfire Workshops rates apply for literary festivals, public libraries, community halls, arts residencies, writers centres, tertiary institutions, and other public appearances. Master classes, professional workshops or keynote appearances will be negotiated offline**.

  • Whole day (max. 6 hours) = $790
  • Half day  (max. 3 hours) = $550
  • Per session (max. 1.5 hour) = $350

** Master classes, professional workshops and keynote appearances will start at around $450 per session and a minimum $1000 for a whole day. The nature of these specific appearances tends to be often a higher charge as planning preparation time is required, these fees will not be discounted and these prices mentioned are a base to appear.

Storytime Sessions

Simple storytimes and Wildfire presenations

Storytime session (max. 30 mins) $230
Presentation and storytime session (max. 60 mins) $320

Travel time charges

Travel times over 2 hours will incur standard fees. Car expenses will be paid at the ATO’s rates for deductions using the cents per kilometer method. In the 2012-13 income year, for ordinary cars the average rates are 63 cents per kilometer. This equates to the follow:

  • Allowance for travel time 2-6 hours is charged at $50.00 per hour
  • More than 6 hours travel time $300.00 per day

Travel, accommodation and meal expenses are all reasonable items for reimbursement. In accordance with the Australian Tax Office, Wildfire Workshops will seek to be reimbursed for things on any country, interstate and longer overnight trips to make appearances.

Note: All prices are in line with Australian Society of Authors professional rates for public appearances. If you wish to please

Wildfire Workshops hopes this information is: clear, insightful and professionally welcomed.

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